First and foremost, we’re a grower, not a shower. (Just to finish up with the Tinder joke.)

All jokes aside, in the course of the last couple of years the team behind Old Bridge Consulting has been gathering experience in more than plenty digitally-driven (and 21 century) crucial areas of expertise. We’ve worked on building websites front to back, accompanying it with apps and webshops, as well as creating the content which users have enjoyed exploring. We’re no strangers to UX/UI design and when given a hot-potato to rebrand, although we have a lot to learn, never have we not excelled.

However, the most valuable thing about being a small-town company is its familiarity, attention to details, focus on the important and the very best usage of time and talent.

We’d hate to think of Old Bridge Consulting as a traditional corporation with relationship baggage. What we love about our history is that it’s based on a lot of different experiences with many important clients from many different industries. We take pride in speaking “media”, only to chat “catering and beer”, so we could pillow talk “steel”. What we take even more pride in is using all the digital languages to help our fellow-entrepreneurs or farmers from “around town”.